Emotional Fluency

Join us on September 3rd, from 7-8pm at the Village Healing Centre, 240 Roncesvalles Avenue (Downstairs Common Room) for the Wellness Talk "Emotional Fluency", with Michele Meehan, Pscyhotherapist and Shamanic Practitioner.

Talk Description:

Our emotions are messengers from the unconscious. They carry great wisdom about our state of well being, and our deepest needs. But, they can be at odds with our thoughts, logic and the demands in our lives. Learning to understand what our emotions are communicating to and through us increases our feeling of empowerment and brings greater ease.

In this session you will learn:
·     How you, personally, experience a range of emotions;
·     The difference between emotion and interpretation; and
·     Effective strategies for fully expressing your emotions in a meaningful way. 


Michele Meehan, MA, CCC, CRC,

Psychotherapist & Shamanic Practitioner


Michele is a Psychotherapist & shamanic practitioner. Her education includes a Master's degree in rehabilitation counselling, training in hypnotherapy, yoga, Reiki, & Shamanic studies.  

Michele has more than 20 years experience working with people recovering from traumatic injury, chronic or terminal illness or disability. She also works to support helping professionals to maintain their own well being as they provide service to others. She has assisted people to heal body, mind, heart & soul.

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