Get Out of the Box You're Living In!

Beth McKay and Cecily Victor (co-active coaches) are coming to the Village Healing Centre to offer this workshop on rescripting & self-creation (free!).
Please rsvp directly with Beth (phone number below, and I've also cc'd her), and do share the invitation with your clients & friends - whoever you feel would benefit from creating a more hopeful future. Practitioners would also benefit from learning some tools and techniques to support their clients :)
I'm definitely going, and it would be great to experience this with you!
Lots of love,

Please join Cecily Victor and myself for an afternoon to explore your current story. Learn how empowering it can be to know you can change how you view your life AND how you can work with your present reality in a way that is hopeful for the future.  Experience and learn new ways to look at the stories you tell yourself.   Discover that YOU are in charge of writing the script for your life.
This is a free workshop.  Space is limited, so please contact me to confirm your space.

Best regards,
Beth McKay
Co-Active Coach


Emotional Fluency

Join us on September 3rd, from 7-8pm at the Village Healing Centre, 240 Roncesvalles Avenue (Downstairs Common Room) for the Wellness Talk "Emotional Fluency", with Michele Meehan, Pscyhotherapist and Shamanic Practitioner.

Talk Description:

Our emotions are messengers from the unconscious. They carry great wisdom about our state of well being, and our deepest needs. But, they can be at odds with our thoughts, logic and the demands in our lives. Learning to understand what our emotions are communicating to and through us increases our feeling of empowerment and brings greater ease.

In this session you will learn:
·     How you, personally, experience a range of emotions;
·     The difference between emotion and interpretation; and
·     Effective strategies for fully expressing your emotions in a meaningful way. 


Michele Meehan, MA, CCC, CRC,

Psychotherapist & Shamanic Practitioner


Michele is a Psychotherapist & shamanic practitioner. Her education includes a Master's degree in rehabilitation counselling, training in hypnotherapy, yoga, Reiki, & Shamanic studies.  

Michele has more than 20 years experience working with people recovering from traumatic injury, chronic or terminal illness or disability. She also works to support helping professionals to maintain their own well being as they provide service to others. She has assisted people to heal body, mind, heart & soul.


Understanding Tibetan Medicine

Understanding Tibetan Medicine

Doctor of Tibetan Herbal Medicine, Tsering Dorjee Dekhang, will be coming to speak about Tibetan Medicine at the upcoming Village Wellness Talk August 6th.

Having recently relocated from India, Tsering is very much looking forward to expanding his practice in Toronto, and helping people from the West better understand the benefits that we can experience from this ancient practice.
"As an integrated system of health care, Tibetan medicine can offer allopathic medicine a different perspective on health. However, like other systems, it must be understood in its own terms, as well as in the context of objective investigation. In practice it can also offer Western people another approach to achieving happiness through health and balance"
His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

In addition to offering this much-needed introduction to Tibetan Medicine, Tsering will also be bringing copies of his book, "A Handbook of Tibetan Medicine Plants", for purchase on August 6th for $20.

See you there!


Radical Self Nourishment: Nourished Hearts Change the World

Upcoming Village Wellness Talk

with Deborah Brodey of Soul Sound Creation  

Tuesday June 4th, from 7-8pm
240 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto

In this free and engaging talk, we will explore why so many of us who are out there healing the world have so many challenges giving ourselves the care and compassion we so readily give to others and why it is so important that we break from these patterns, taking the time to deeply nourish ourselves. 

Find out: 
  • Why as a healer and / or change agent you need healing.
  • How filling your own well is not selfish but a radical act!
  • How shame and guilt about not "having it all together" in your personal life and practices can be holding you back and what to do about it. 

Facilitator: Deborah A Brodey 

Deborah A. Brodey , M.A. Adult Ed, has been a lifelong journeyer travelling the world or the nearest park. She has spent many years learning from teachers, healers and Indigenous wisdom keepers from India (since 1988), Nepal, Africa, Peru, Mexico, and First Nations in North America. She is a Sound Healer and a Yoga & Meditation teacher. 
Deborah Brodey
Deborah specializes in teaching and facilitating Radical Self-Nourishment processes and programs for healers, teachers, helping professionals and change agents. She assists them to come into right relationship with themselves, others and the earth. She works through the container of her business Soul Sound Co-Creation.

For more information about Deborah or her services, please visit her website: http://www.soulsoundcreation.com