Understanding Tibetan Medicine

Understanding Tibetan Medicine

Doctor of Tibetan Herbal Medicine, Tsering Dorjee Dekhang, will be coming to speak about Tibetan Medicine at the upcoming Village Wellness Talk August 6th.

Having recently relocated from India, Tsering is very much looking forward to expanding his practice in Toronto, and helping people from the West better understand the benefits that we can experience from this ancient practice.
"As an integrated system of health care, Tibetan medicine can offer allopathic medicine a different perspective on health. However, like other systems, it must be understood in its own terms, as well as in the context of objective investigation. In practice it can also offer Western people another approach to achieving happiness through health and balance"
His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

In addition to offering this much-needed introduction to Tibetan Medicine, Tsering will also be bringing copies of his book, "A Handbook of Tibetan Medicine Plants", for purchase on August 6th for $20.

See you there!

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