The Everyday Sacred: The Spirit of Aromatherapy

MPowered Healing Arts is devoted to promoting and inspiring health, balance and wellness from the inside out. The company's founder, Melinda Reidl, believes that each of us lives in a body that is wise, knowing, compassionate, and connected.

The company's healing services draw on the ancient practices of yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, energy work, and shamanic healing to help people feel more like themselves. Using the sacred medicines of intention, ceremony and plant-based ingredients, we bring Spirit into our lives - and when Spirit is present, we feel graceful, peaceful, grounded and alive.

On February 5th, Melinda Reidl - Founder of MPowered Healing Arts - will be speaking at the Village Healing Centre's Village Wellness Talk to share her Aromatherapy knowledge with community. All are welcome!

Date and Time: February 5th, 7-8pm
Location: Village Healing Centre, 240 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto (downstairs common area)
Cost: Free

At this one-hour talk, participants will learn: 
  • Why essential oils have been part of our souls since the time of the Egyptians;
  • How boosting your immunity can be easy, pleasant and fun;
  • Why is aromatherapy your best mood enhancer;
  • Why plant essences are the best friend to body, mind and spirit;
  • Easy rituals for the home, and how essential oils can bring the sacred into our daily lives; and
  • How to use essential oils safely on yourself and others.

Melinda Reidl (melindareidl@gmail.com) is dynamic, warm and compassionate student of life.  Her career path has been deeply devoted to health and healing, working one on one with clients and students to support and inspire, listen and motivate. Connection and empathy are the roots of her teachings. She began her health career in ‘conventional’ health and then followed a calling to holistic health and spiritual studies. Melinda has formal trainings and certifications in yoga, reiki, aromatherapy, and shamanic studies. Melinda's healing presence is informed by her open, honest and compassionate nature, her devotion to study and the diversity and wisdom, gleaned from her own story of spiritual transformation.

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