Cultivating Your Intuition

As a palmist and energy worker, I have the joy of working with people at various stages of change. One of the shifts that I have seen frequently over the last couple of years has been an increase in people's intuitive awareness, and more willingness in folks to tap into and expand their intuition. This awareness and expansion is occurring in people who have never before considered themselves intuitive, as well as those who have known but have not been ready to take it to the next level. Those who have been tapping their intuition all along are also expanding dramatically in their "sensing" abilities.

It seems people are seeking the hidden message, the inspired detail, the symbolic interpretation...more and more. At an increasing rate, intuition is coming into play in how people make decisions both personally and professionally, and I'm exposed more and more to people who are willing to push boundaries, rules, roles and stereotypes that have previously held them back from owning this side of their nature. This shift is influencing people's sense of purpose, direction, and source of satisfaction in life, as they are called to a deeper space of authenticity and connection.

I believe the next Village Wellness Talk by Shamanic Coach Miguel Pascoe scheduled for November 6th at the Village Healing Centre (7-8pm, FREE), is a very timely one. "Tuition on Intuition" promises to help individuals get better acquainted with their intuition, learn ways to work with it, and strategies for overcoming intuitive blocks. Not only does the content align with the shift in people's awareness and willingness to tap into this side of themselves, it is also a very intuitive time of year, when the veil between worlds is the thinnest. It is a popular time for divination, dream interpretation, meditation, and ancestral connection.

Hope to see you there!

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