September's Wellness Talk at the Village Healing Centre brings some palmistry insight around a pattern that is frequently witnessed in my clients, particularly in women. 

Palmistry has made me more aware of how so many women are needing replenishment of their heart and root. The realm of family, love, relationships, and home has become tired. Many women are emotionally exhausted, over-extended, and in the process of finding health and balance. Interestingly, the area of the palm that becomes active is the mount that connects us to our intuition, inspiration, and to the unseen realm of dream and energy. Called to go within, how do we balance the demands of our relationships and home?

This 1-hr talk will help participants identify this pattern on their own palm and the palms of others. We will work through what it could mean, how to support the healing and replenishment of a tired heart, and create connection between the quiet and unseen space that inspires us, and the space of love and home.

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