Monthly Wellness Talks @ VHC (FREE)!

Since last August, I've had the pleasure of being apart of the Village Healing Centre (VHC) on Roncesvalles Avenue, and have really enjoyed connecting with new clients and other practitioners from the community. To build more of these connections and take advantage of the fantastic space available at the Village Healing Centre, I'm working with practitioners from the VHC and throughout the City of Toronto to provide monthly "Wellness Talks" beginning May 1 (7-8pm on the first Tuesday of every month). The talks are free, engaging, and give participants the opportunity to learn more about different modalities.

Below is a snapshot of the talks coming up for May, June, and July. If you would like to participate as a presenter or would like to learn more about a particular modality, please let me know: melanie@korechanges.com

May 1: Spring Clean Your Psyche

Description: Spring is a time to renew, refresh and detoxify; ourselves and our environments. We can do this given the right tools and techniques. But detoxifying needs to happen at energetic levels as well as physical or emotional - they are all connected. This workshop will guide you through the basics of clearing negative energies from everywhere they are; in and around us.

Presented by Deirdre Norman
Deirdre has for over 20 years worked with her clients to cleanse their homes, offices and personal space. It's easier than you think. www.tinkerwoman.com

June 5: The Path Within Presents: Get a Life!
·      2 KEY SECRETS that will Change your Life Forever!
·      The 4 MAIN GOALS of the Path Within™ Program
·      Create Happiness and Fulfillment in your Life
·      Learn how the Mastery of Your own Thoughts and Behaviours have Immediate and Positive Affect on your Life Goals!
·      Learn to make timely decisions which drive your progress towards Your Personal Growth and True Happiness
·      Design a NEW Blueprint of YOUR Future and Start Living it NOW
·      Live Your Life on Your Terms

The GET A LIFE Presentations are based on almost 25 years of proven techniques, research and Anthony’s Path Within™ Program

Presented by Anthony Santen, M.Ht. C.I. MPWP NC
Anthony is the author of The Path Within™ Program, a unique coaching and personal transformation program dedicated to enabling people, wanting to lead a life with meaningful goals and desires.  His goal is to help individuals discover their innermost desires for personal growth and fulfillment, overcome depression and embody the changes in all aspects of their lives. www.pathwithin.com

July: Non-Toxic Living
We will discuss common household cleaning, bath, baby and beauty products that can easily be replaced with healthful products you can make yourself, or buy locally.

There's so much that's said to be bad for you, and bad for the environment, but who do you believe, and where do you start? Don't worry; be healthy! From phthalates and plastics, to parabens and PCBs, we'll discuss the toxins that commonly plague us in our environment and about simple, immediate solutions that will benefit our health and our planet. 

You'll come away with your own list of easy, life enhancing changes you can start making today, and the information you need to make healthy decisions for you and your family. Please feel free bring along some of your favorite personal care products and find out what really lies within!

Presenter: Tracey TieF, Certified Natural Health Practitioner
I enjoy working with people who are interested in learning how to heal and who are seeking alternatives to pharmaceutically-driven health care. I seek to restore mental, physical and spiritual health and natural beauty to my clients through health counselling, coaching, hypnotherapy and by making and making available and teaching people how to make wholesome health and beauty products. www.AnarresHealth.ca, www.NaturalContraception.ca, www.FemCap.info, www.Contragel.info

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